Your Invitation

The central invitation here is for you to take your seat at the dining room table at Journey House and do what I have been doing. Take in a story. Understand this woman in the context of her life - not your own - and consider how it might feel to be on her side of the table.

You won’t find statistics here about the mass incarceration of women. Without a narrative, data is impossible to absorb. For many of us, connecting with people who have been incarcerated is a complicated, sticky topic. It can incite our fear and disdain or echo painful issues in our own lives. We, or people we know, may have been traumatized by crime. If we, or someone close to us, has not been through the criminal justice system, it’s a stretch to feel empathy.

Ways for you to become involved will also be included here. You can begin by reading and recommending these stories.